NEW! QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) v.12

(Reposted Article by David Glantz, Business Cents)

New Features

Display total quantity sold on sales receipt.

V12 Solution. The total quantity of all items on the sales receipt is displayed above the total dollar figures in the bottom right-hand corner of the sales receipt. This can help compare the total quantity of items on the sales receipt against the actual count of physical items.

Total quantity sold

Nuances. The wording “No. of Items” is a bit misleading. It is actually the total quantity of all items on the sales receipt. It would be helpful to also display the total number of items, e.g. if 10 of Widget A and 10 of Widget B are being sold, the total number of items is 2 and the total quantity is 20.

Better keyboard support: Provides the ability to fully complete the workflows in Make a Sale and Receiving using keyboard entry.

Improved auto-reconciliation of payments: When using Intuit Payments in conjunction with QB 2015 desktop financials, V12 will auto reconcile credit card payments to the Intuit merchant service deposits.

EMV chip card ready: EMV (Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®) chip technology is becoming the international standard for credit card and debit card payments. You might have heard similar terms used to define this same technology – Chip and PIN, Chip and Signature, or simply just chip technology. Chip cards are standard bank cards but, in addition to the standard magnetic stripe, are embedded with a microchip that stores and protects cardholder information. This provides an additional level of authenticity.

The reason behind this chip technology is to increase security and reduce fraud. More than 1 billion chip cards are currently being used internationally. The United States is a bit behind the curve implementing this technology.

V12 is EMV capable when used in conjunction with the Ingenico IPP 350 PIN Pad device, which accepts EMV Chip and PIN cards.

New logo: A new logo appears on the application icon, the splash screen, the program title bar, and likely in other places as well. This uses the new QuickBooks branding that was introduced with QuickBooks 2015.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 12.0 Logo

Bug fixes

Significantly faster performance: Faster workflow processing performance such as sales receipts, accessing items and customer lists, looking up item history, etc. Some have reported 10x faster startup times as compared to QuickBooks POS 2013. In our experience, V12 is much faster than the initial release of 2013 and V10, and is somewhat faster than the most recent 2013 release.

Substantially reduced software glitches: Software hangs, screen locks, shell aborts, non-responsive behavior, and more. We and our clients have experienced many fewer bumps and bruises in the latest 2013 release. Additional fixes were applied to V12 as well.

Large backup files: Support for backup files greater than 4GB.

Functional fixes: Some functional fixes, including the ability for Shipping Manager to function properly, item tags print correctly, et al.

In Summary

We at Business Cents have spent a lot of time researching other POS products out on the market. After each review, the conclusion has been that the QuickBooks Point of Sale desktop product has a better baseline feature set. There will always be functions that could be improved upon – mobile sales, the mix of old screens (V9) and new ones (V10+), reporting, lack of QuickBooks Online integration, etc. That is a constant. However, none of the products we reviewed in this price range have the same level of functionality.

The conclusion… Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 12.0 is a solid desktop point of sale and inventory management product