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QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks® POS

The QuickBooks® Point of Sale Solution contains everything you need to turn your PC into a sales and inventory information powerhouse. Designed to work with QuickBooks® Financial software.

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QuickBooks® Point of Sale Software:

Process Sales Transaction Faster & More Accurately

QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • Ring up sales just like you would on a cash register Ring up cash, check and credit card transactions on your computer keyboard. Scan product UPC codes for instantaneous item entry. Or start typing and choose the right item from a pop-up list. With each sale, the cash drawer opens automatically, and the receipt printer prints a receipt, just like a cash register. But no cash register ever put so much important information at your fingertips. And no cash register ever updated your books for you!
  • Process credit card sales with one swipe Reduce the time-consuming, error-prone process of approving credit card purchases to a single swipe! Just run your customer’s credit card through your POS card reader and the rest is automatic. QuickBooks® POS Merchant service authorizes the sale, the card number and authorization code are entered into the transaction record, and a receipt is printed for signature. It couldn’t be easier or more foolproof. Requires POS Merchant Service. Application approval and fees may apply.
  • Find sales records and reports instantly The QuickBooks® POS Solution creates a permanent, detailed record of each sale, including date and time, product names and SKUs, form of payment, credit card number and approval code, discounts applied, credits, and more. You can find previous transaction records instantly. Bring up a customer’s purchase history on the spot. Or generate up-to-the-minute sales reports without leaving your register.

Inventory Tracking

Barcode Scanner

  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking The QuickBooks® Point of Sale Solution tracks inventory automatically in real-time, stores details of every sale, captures customer information, processes credit card transactions in one step, prints receipts and generates reports that can help you make more profitable business decisions. And it can save you endless hours of bookkeeping by updating your QuickBooks® financial software files with a single mouse click!
  • Track inventory effortlessly and accurately See exactly what you have on hand at all times without time-consuming manual counts. Every time you make a sale, receive a return or log in a new shipment, your inventory totals adjust automatically. No more overbuying. No running out. No digging through boxes when your customer asks for a different size or color. Now you can instantly see if the requested item is in stock without stepping away from the register. And you can track PO’s, too, so if an item is sold out, you can rescue the sale with an expected date of arrival.
  • Sort inventory any way you need it Sort inventory items by department, item number or other description, so you can quickly locate any item to check its in-stock status or price. Quickly find all the variations of a single inventory item. For instance, you can see how many t-shirts you have on hand in each color and size without looking up each item individually.

Customer Information Tracking

Track your customers buying habits to build sales Enter the name and address of your customers with each transaction, and you can leverage that information to increase sales. Should you give that customer the discount they’re requesting? See their entire purchase history with one click. Generate a report of your top customers and send them a discount coupon to get spur sales. And you only have to enter the information once – next time, you can choose them from a pop-up list. There are dozens of cost-effective ways you can build your business when you know who your customers are, where they’re coming from and what they’re buying.

Better Business Management

  • Run real-time reports to make better business decisionsQuickBooks POS Software
    • QuickBooks® Point of Sale software comes with more than two dozen sales, inventory and customer reports that show where you stand as of this minute. Customize them to display exactly the information you want, no more and no less.
  • Reports include:
    • Best and worst seller report. Find out which items have been selling and which have lagged.
    • Inventory reports. Analyze what’s sold and what’s been received. View your stock, both on-hand and on-order, at any given time.
    • Sales history reports. Generate sales reports summarized by department, vendor or employee.
    • Customer promotion lists. Create and sort customer lists by name or ZIP code to promote special events or offers to specific customers.
    • Order tracking reports. Track purchase orders by order date, ship date or vendor.
    • Track sales by employee. Which employees are pulling in the most sales? Which are goofing off? Set the security option requiring employees to log in when they ring up sales. Then generate a Sales Transaction by Employee Report to see how your staff is performing and spot any irregularities in their sales.
  • Find sales records and reports instantlyQuickBooks POS Software
    • Create a permanent, detailed record of each sale, including date and time, product names and SKUs, form of payment, credit card number and approval code, discounts applied, credits, and more.
    • Find previous transaction records instantly.
    • Bring up a customer’s purchase history on the spot.
    • Generate up-to-the-minute sales reports without leaving your register.
  • Customize price levels and apply them consistently
    • Assign different pricing levels for employees, sales promotions, friends and family or any other group you choose.
    • Assign any price level to any customer. Whenever that customer makes a purchase, the discount is applied to the transaction automatically.
    • Prevent customer/employee disputes as well as intentional abuse of discounts by employees.
  • Security options give you full controlQuickBooks Point of Sale Software
    • Control who accesses your information and what level of information they’re allowed to see.
    • Set individual permissions to limit who can view certain reports, change prices, process returns, or perform other key tasks.
    • Require employees to log in to ring up sales, so you have a record of every transaction processed by every employee.
  • Share access to your POS file among 20 networked registers and PCs plus up to 20 store locations all with one system! 
    • Collect data from every cash register in the store in a single up-to-date file.
    • Give all your cashiers up-to-the-minute access to inventory and other information they need to serve your customers.
    • Purchase a QuickBooks® Point of Sale Solution for each pay station (you’ll need a networked PC and monitor for each) and QuickBooks® Point of Sale software for your back-office computer on the same network.

Integrates with QuickBooks® Financial Software

  • Transfer sales information to QuickBooks® financial software with one click
    Never type sales data into QuickBooks® financial software again! With one click, you can transfer summarized sales data from your QuickBooks® Point of Sale Solution into QuickBooks® Pro or Premier financial software. No retyping. No errors. You could save hours every week!
  • Works with QuickBooks® Pro, Premier 2009 or later and QuickBooks® Enterprise 9 and later. QuickBooks Pro®, Premier and Enterprise financial software are sold separately. QuickBooks® Point of Sale Server and QuickBooks® Financial Software must be installed on the same back office computer.
  • Easy to import data from QuickBooks®
    Worried about the hassle of switching from your current system? If you’re already using QuickBooks® Pro or Premier financial software, you can import your inventory, vendor lists and customer lists from QuickBooks® directly into the POS software. No retyping. No errors. And you’re ready to go.

QuickBooks® Point of Sale Hardware:

Receipt Printer

Intuit Receipt Printer

Prints receipt when a sales transaction is completed

  • Prints credit card receipts for customer signature
  • Prints at a high speed with low noise level

Cash Drawer

Intuit Cash Drawer

    • Opens automatically each time a transaction is completed
    • Works together with the receipt printer

Bar Code Scanner

Barcode Scanner

    • Speeds sales transactions by scanning item bar codes
    • Assures the right price is charged; assures accurate inventory

Card Reader

Card Reader

    • Reduces credit card transactions to a single step
    • Eliminates the need for a standalone terminal
    • Posts authorization and card number directly to the transaction
    • Process all major credit cards directly from your PC

Warranty Information

The QuickBooks® Point of Sale Solution for retailers comes with a 2-year Hardware Component Manufacturers Limited Warranty, an Intuit Limited Warranty of Inter-operability, and a 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Limited Warranty. PC, monitor and keyboard not included.

For Information on the System Requirements for the Intuit POS System please click here.


Easy, Complete, Affordable!

Everything You Need, One Affordable Package

The QuickBooks® Point of Sale Solution comes with everything you need to turn a PC into an automated, timesaving point of sale and inventory tracking system. With one simple purchase, you get the QuickBooks® Point of Sale software, bar code scanner, card reader, cash drawer and receipt printer. They’re guaranteed to work together or your money back. QuickBooks® Point of Sale software and individual hardware components may also be purchased separately. QuickBooks® POS software is guaranteed to work only with the QuickBooks® POS Solution hardware. To check compatibility with your PC, see System Requirements.

Easy To Learn, Easy To Use

QuickBooks financial software

A colorful graphical interface with icons, buttons and pull down menus makes the POS software as friendly and easy to use as QuickBooks® financial software. And it’s much more intuitive than character-based POS applications. But if you need help, it’s always just a mouse click away.
Quickbooks® POS December 16, 2011

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