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Accounting 101 Manual Cover
Accounting 101:  Back to the Basics.  With the solid understanding of basic accounting principles, terminology and financial statements, business owners and bookkeepers can effectively communicate and interpret the financial “health” of their businesses.  This book will teach you the key concepts behind the science of accounting, enabling you to manage the processing of business transactions and to interpret reports with ease.  Topics include: Basic Accounting Terminology and How To’s, Financial Reporting, Income Statements & Balance Sheets, Chart of Accounts, Journal Entries, and Automating the Process with QuickBooks.

Crook's Cheat Sheets for POS v.2013

QuickBooks v2013/v11 Point of Sale (QB POS) Cheat Sheets written by “QB Bob” Crook.  Includes screen shots with easy to understand guidance about how to:  Add new inventory items; Create purchase orders & receive inventory items; Pay bills for inventory received; Make a sale, refund or exchange; End of Day POS and POS Financial Exchange; Online Banking; Bank Reconciliations and a few extra “How To’s”
QB POS Handbook 2.0
QuickBooks Point of Sale (QB POS) Store Operations Handbook 2.0 publication is a step-by-step guide with screenshot tips for QuickBooks V2013/v11. Co-authored by Steve Green and William English.

By following the steps outlined in this book, you will be able to perform the steps in QB POS and the bookkeeping steps in QuickBooks Financial necessary to complete the processes required to maintain your accounting.

Topics include: The Inventory Process, Making the Sale, Sales Orders/ Layaways/Work Orders, End of Day, Financial Exchange and Completing the Accounting Functions, and it ends with Tips and Tricks.

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